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Tennis clubhouse, Dulwich

Planning permission has been obtained for a new clubhouse for the Camber Lawn Tennis Club, to be built on the site of the previous clubhouse which was destroyed by fire in March 2013.

The square plan of the building is topped with a shallow monopitch roof which echoes the general topography of the park (rising to the south towards Sydenham Hill).  The roof, visible when approaching the site from Dulwich Common, is clad in sedum, softening the visual impact of the building and enhancing bio-diversity.

The main entrance will be from the car park side, with a wide corridor creating a circulation axis through into the lounge on the opposite elevation, with a further entrance/exit providing access to an external grassed area and the hard courts beyond.

Ancillary spaces - the changing areas, office and store room - are accessed directly from the corridor.  The bar and kitchen are aligned along the internal wall of the lounge, opposite the glazed wall

Conceptually the external wall cladding is treated as a hard shell, behind which a softer timber building is partially revealed through openings and indentations in the square plan form.

The external walls are clad in a dark green/grey self coloured cementitious board acting as rain screen.  Window and door openings and the deep recessed entrance are the breaks in this dark shell and are lined in a pale timber veneered board to match the timber character of the interior.  Small windows are concealed behind shutters which when closed blend seamlessly with the external skin, and which when open reveal the soft internal timber material on their reverse sides.