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House, Primrose Hill

This large semi detached house on three storeys boasted ample bedroom accommodation on the upper floors but the ground floor arrangement did not provide free flowing living space appropriate for family living in a house of this size.   Without enlarging the plan the ground floor was reconfigured, enhancing circulation routes and combining two rear rooms into a 50 square metre living area.  

The existing ground floor was raised above the rear garden, only accessible via a stair from a narrow door opening.  A



double garage was also located here.  Permission was granted for off street parking at the front of the house so that the garage could be removed and the enlarged garden reconnected to the house via three new french doors inserted in the external wall, opening onto a raised perimeter terrace, with wide steps leading down to the main garden level.

Internally a muted pallette was employed to render the high ceilings spaces more intimate in character.  Doors on the ground floor are full height and faced in smoked oak boards, to read as decorative panels when held back in the open position.

Photos by David Modell