Our approach

The case study descriptions on this site may sound quite technical, almost scientific.  This is a reflection of our initial analytical approach to a commission - we certainly derive some of our inspiration from the restrictions of a brief and the notion of problem solving. It should be added that it is the precise aesthetics of the chosen solution that determines whether the resulting architecture is a success. That part is more subjective and difficult to describe, so we hope the images will speak for themselves.   

We tend to eschew surface applied decoration, preferring to create interest and texture in form, light and the natural beauty of materials in their elemental state. Beyond this we do not wish to promote a practice style, as we believe it is the unique characteristics of each individual commission, rather than a pre determined stylistic approach, that is the most important generator of lasting and innovative design.

Ultimately, architecture is not about drawings, models, computer simulations or websites, however seductive we may strive to make them. Nor can it be truly found in theories and the spoken or written word. Architecture is above all a practical art and is a physical thing you can touch, move through and shelter within. If it's good it should also inspire and uplift. Successful design reflects this reality, and is the stronger for it.